I found a bug, can you fix it?

Of course we can. In fact, we encourage you to report bugs because it helps us to make a better app. What we ask you though is to report errors as detailed as you can (i.e. in what circumstances the error occurres, if you recently updated your phone, which operating system version you have, et cetara) so it's easier to locate the error.

Can you translate the app to French/Spanish/...?

Well, we would like to but we only have people that know English, Czech, Swedish and German at our disposal. If you would like to contribute a translation to a new language we will gladly accept it, though.

Does your app exist on other platforms?

Android: Yes; Blackberry: Discontinued; iOS: Not right now; Ubuntu Phone: Not right now; Windows Phone: No.

Instead of porting, can't you make a HTML5-based app?

Yes and no. Previously HTML5 apps were not able to do all the things native apps could. Since frameworks for HTML5 apps have improved, we may look at this again.

I would like to have a new feature, can you implement it?

We have a roadmap for the application and many of the features suggested are planned to be implemented already. With that said we encourage you to send us e-mail with feature requests as some of them are quick enough to be implemented as part of a minor release.


The app needs a long time to find my location, can it be fixed?

Yes, it can. And the good news is: it already is. The app tries to find your location the same way Google Maps does. It will try to get it's first location fix using your telephones last known location, followed by the much faster network location, followed by the slow GPS. If, however, you have "Google's Location Services" disabled in your phone's settings, it will only use the GPS and that can take a long time depending on the manufacturer and Android version of your device. As a point of reference: On a Galaxy Nexus with both GPS and Google Location Services enabled it takes less than a second until "Start trip" can be clicked.

It's still slow, can you change the app so it doesn't disable the GPS?

It's possible but we would very likely receive complaints that the app quickly drains the battery. GPS needs a fair amount of power and if it would be running all the time it's unlikely your battery would last a whole day in your car.

Since version 1.5 the app crashes on my HTC One X, please fix it.

We're sorry to say, but the app crashes only on your HTC One X, the bug reports we have received are not reproducable on following devices: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note 10.1, Nexus S, Xperia Arc, HTC Wildfire. There is good news though, according to a user the update released by HTC in the beginning of October 2012 fixes the problem.

The app stops logging on long trips, can you fix it?

This is a behaviour that we can not reproduce. However, we got indications that this can be resolved if you remove any third party Android Task Killer application that you may have installed. In fact, no version of Android that is supported by this application requires an Android Task Killer installed to manage your device's memory, Android can do that on it's own. There are plenty of blogs about it, if you do not believe us. ;-)


I can't find the app?

Due to the relatively small number of Blackberry-users, we have discontinued to provide the app on Blackberry effective September 2013.